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Great truck except for bogus OBD codes. logo 9/1/2015 Michael Huston

I saved literally thousands of dollars by buying a code reader and simply erasing the bogus cat failure codes. I do almost all of the maintenance. including the timing belt; the truck has seen the inside of a shop only twice for small repairs. Some features of the design are stupid. Replacing the driver's side valve cover gasket is a total nightmare, because the intake plenum has to be removed. You also have to take off the plenum to replace the knock sensor, although it can be relocated to the top of the engine. I figure that these are dealer-welfare designs. Altogether, I have been happy with this, my first truck. It is the perfect size for my hauling and commuting needs. I hear tI needed another truck. hat the new ones don't have the bugs of the '02s. Probably would buy one if

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