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Great truck! logo 9/13/2015 Rich

I had a 2004 Frontier king cab. It was spartan and handled kind of rough, but the thing was a tank and I had very little problems with it. I traded it in at a 170k miles. Having kids I knew I needed more of an actual back seat, I got a used 2014 Frontiet sv trim line crew cab. So far I love it! The V6 engine has great "gitty-up" and power. It's handling/turning may not be its strong suit, but it's a truck, not a sports car. Not sure this is most truck's strong suits. Overall I love the look of truck, sporty and brawny, while maintaining some refinement. Understand that this is a mid-size vehicle, so there are lots of bigger trucks with way more cargo and back seat space. But not wanting a school bus sized vehicle for a truck, this is a perfect size. Certainly if you do lots of hauling, especially heavy duty, look elsewhere. But for around town with some hauling, this truck fits the bill. Also some people knock the mpg, but again, it's a truck!

Average Rating : 5


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