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Great Truck!!!!! logo 7/5/2016 John Williams

I'm writing this review because my 2016 RAM 2500/ 6.7 Laramie 4x4 is a Beast! I custom ordered this truck and man did everything I got on this truck deliver. A month after getting my truck I went to Big Bear after a major snow fall and my truck handled well in 4x4H in the snow. My truck started well in 0 degree weather and every thing worked after driving in 0 degree weather. Next two months later I went driving in the desert and once again my truck handled well on very rocky and bumpy roads like a champ. I have driven on the beach, in canyons, through water and my truck gets the job done. I just towed my 9,800lbs travel trailer and my truck towed well and braked well. I feel there are two downfalls with this truck; one is the limited turn radius of the truck. The turn radius isn't bad but the truck is hard to park in parking spots. Also the rear air vents provide very limited air in my crew cab. With those small issues stated, the interior of the truck is great. The storage in the rear passenger area is outstanding. I plan to have this truck for a while. Good job RAM!!!!!!!

Average Rating : 5


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