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Great value, MPGs and comfort logo 7/24/2015 Matt P.

I bought this car primarily due to the fuel economy after changing jobs and having a 65 mile round trip every day. As promised, the diesel is excellent. Performance doesn't seem to suffer although there can be a slight delay when first starting from a stop, barely noticeable most of the time. With the VW diesel scandal, VW will likely be making tweaks that affect the mpg/performance so I will update this review if, and when, that fix is made. As it sits today, performance is very good with great mpg, all while emitting an unlawful amount of exhaust. The seats are very comfortable with plenty of room in the front and back. A tall person can easily sit in the back seat with plenty of room. Due to the low vehicle height, exiting the vehicle from the front or back can be tricky for some. The interior appearance is very high end. The cargo room in the trunk is excellent; I easily fit my hockey bag full of goalie equipment with room to spare.My only two complaints are: the entertainment system can be slow to respond at times, particularly at start up. I came from a car without any frills so having a slow system is still better than what I had! Nevertheless, it should be faster. Sometimes I am minutes into my drive before I can change the radio station. The second thing I do not like is the intensity of the low beam headlights. I feel like they are a little weak. This is mostly noticeable on dark roads where I put my highbeams on anyways but I wish HID headlights were available for this car.Overall, great value all around with a comfortable ride. As far as the exterior styling, totally subjective so you either love it or hate it I guess. I actually like it although from the front it is admittedly a little plain and no one uses daytime running lights anymore unless they are LED.

Average Rating : 4


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