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Great value logo 4/25/2016 Jordan R

Purchased a 2016 Focus SE w/Sport Appearance package as a daily driver. Mix of city/expressway driving. IMO the Sport appearance package is the best bang for the buck. You get a ton of features with it including: rear disc brakes, upgraded rear bumper, painted lower trim, fog lights, upgraded front honeycomb trim, paddle shifters, leather steering wheel, leather shifter, and 17" upgraded wheels and tires. All that for about a grand more. I will admit the "leather" on the steering wheel is nothing to write home about, but it is better than the standard wheel on the S. I liked the Mazda 3, but given the discounts and incentives combined with the better priced packages the Focus came out much much cheaper. Mazda's appearance package for example is 1750 and if you get it on the i-Sport you have to add an additional package further increasing the costs. MSRP on iSport and iTouring (how I would equip) were 1500 and 2500 higher respectively. Fuel economy has been right around the combined mark of 30, sometimes up to 32 combined. It won't win any races but the engine is smooth and has enough power for passing. I find the electronic steering very good, I never feel any vagueness or sluggishness. It's very direct and dialed in well. Prior years have had problems with the powershift dual clutch trans. So far I've not had any issues, but I've been driving dual clutch trans since 2007. There are certain quirks about them that aren't seen in a conventional auto with a torque converter. I may end up buying the extended warranty depending on how others fair with the trans. I plan on keeping this car a long time. I love the multi-function display and it's many options. It has a display with info on several catagories or you can focus in on one catagory such as a digital speedometer. The eco stuff is kind of goofy and seems pointless. I've already achieved "Eco Champion" even though I have no idea how I did it. I don't drive with economy in mind. I did have the display freeze on me one time during a 40 mile trip. I attempted to switch from Trip 1 to Trip 2 and it hung up with a blank blue background with miles and gears displayed. The miles were stuck and did not go up. Once I got to my destination the screen stayed on with the key out of the ignition. Eventually it went out and came back to normal once I restarted the car. The miles did jump up to the expected amount. Has not happened since, so hopefully it was a fluke. Steering wheel controls are plentiful and work well. Bluetooth audio streaming works well and picks up quick. I prefer paddle shifters to the +/- on the gear shifter. If in manual mode and making a left turn - to shift into 2nd the upshift button will be up at the 12 o'clock position. It's just awkward, but my GTI was like that as well. My Evo MR has it on the column so they don't move with the wheel. Back seat is a little tight in the leg room department, but I will rarely have anyone back there. Little touches like dual USB, hinged 12v power cover, coin slot, arm rest tray, and a plethora of cubbies are very nice. Has the three blinks option when using the turn signal which I prefer. It may seem kind of cheesy but I like the wipers. They aren't normal in their sweep, they kind of come out of the middle. I would call it euro-style. This also means you don't get the half moon missed spot in the middle since they fold back into that spot. There's a couple of minor annoyances I've uncovered after owning it for a few months. First is the top of the dashboard is not dull enough and reflects onto the windshield quite a bit in the mornings driving directly east. Next is there is a slight dip in the dash where it meets the windshield (this is for the defroster). Normally this wouldn't be any sort of issue but it causes a visual distortion due to the reflection change. For example if you are driving along a road marked with a solid line to the right - you will notice the line will shift on the bottom inch or so of the windshield due to this. Once you see this it WILL annoy you. I had to point it out to a passenger and once they noticed it it bothered them too. Last the key I have is not smart (that's a different package) I wish however that it at least folded or something. It's a bit bulky and "old fashioned". Audi/VW keys for example flip out like a switch blade and as such fit better in your pocket. I am overall very happy with this purchase and would buy it again if I had a mulligan.

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