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Great vehicle 15yrs later logo 8/26/2015 Luke

Bought my 2000 Mitsubishi Montero Sport new in the fall of 2000. It's been an extremely dependable and reliable vehicle for 15 years and 130,000 miles. Rarely has it been garaged or babied. It's driven 20-40 miles most days in all weather and is rarely off road. I keep up on basic maintenance and service like tune ups, oil, tires, brakes, etc but have let all the dings, scratches go. The transfer case shifts in and out just fine after 15 years of trouble free 4x4 snow and rain. Sunroof sometimes leaks if debris clogs the drip path. Engine still runs well without a noticeable decline in performance. The only trouble under the hood was the A/C compressor went out in August 2014 during Indiana's hottest time of year -- I had heard it for weeks before it quit. I finally had to replace the brakes rotors and calipers in 2014. The door lights don't turn on every time when you open the door and it doesn't always ding when you leave the headlights on or the keys in the ignition. The Infinity CD player quit but the radio still works even though my wife broke the antenna years ago. It's getting rusty spots behind the wheel well corners. So far no wrecks. My 3 kids and I have spilled tons of drinks and food, but the interior is fine -- no rips in the leather. The back seat is a bit narrow for three car seats so and I had to buy Euro-designed car seats to fit three across. This was getting hard on the back and then we got a minivan. I still drive it anywhere like across the state line or farmers field and I plan to drive it a few more years. No regrets, I love it.

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