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great vehicle until 80,000 miles logo 7/30/2015 Duke M

dealership support has always been an issue. I don't trust them to tell me the truth.After an dealership oil change I left on a long trip. 500 miles from home in the middle of nowhere, loud flapping noises from the engine compartment. I inspected and discovered that the underbelly pan was missing bolts. I limped along at 60 miles an hour for another 500 miles to a town that had a VW dealership. I had to pay to have the missing bolts replaced. Local home dealership denied to refund me the cost of the repair.It appears that it's a myth...Diesel engines are good for 100,000 's of miles.At 100,000 miles, the repair saga has begun. Do I dump and run or do I take my chances that the worst is behind me?

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