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Great Vehicle with one big exception logo 8/10/2015 Bill Shrieves

I purchased this particular vehicle because I liked the combination of comfort and safety features at the price point. The only problem is that one of the important new safety features, the (FCW) or Forward Collision Warning System, either does not work, or, if it works at all, works so poorly that it may as well not exist. I am slowly accepting the realization that I was duped and I have no FCW. Oh, the light turns on and off OK. You can push the proper button and the light comes on in the dash and you have this feeling that new technology will be at work if and when you need it. But no, it won't. I have tried everything short of crashing headlong into the trunk of a vehicle in front of me and never heard so much as a chime. Just know up front you will not get this feature. I have no issues with the rest of the vehicle.

Average Rating : 4


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