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Great wagon from Toyota. Sad to see it discontinue logo 4/3/2017 Shawndh

This is really nicely executed higher riding wagon. It's almost the same length as the Highlander, but priority is given to passenger room and comfort, which I love. I'm 6'2" and I hate having to push my seat up for rear passengers and being cramped with no room in the back when traveling with things in the 2nd row. It's just very roomy and comfortable for long trips. The 20" wheels look great on the car and they keep it well planted and flat in turns, but the ride is a little rough on bumpy stuff. The voice navigation is a nice feature but it's extremely slow and rarely accurate. I just use my phone. They bluetooth is nice but a little slow to switching on and off when getting in and out of the car. I did not get JBL audio on mine so the sound system is adequate, but I'd love to update the amp and speakers at some point. It's anemic sounding. I really love the overall mix of luxury and simplicity. Women drive in this car a lot and I appreciate the layout of the car but I also appreciate the plastic on the doors. It's just easy to keep clean. Also, doing basic maintenance is really easy. The oil dipstic, transmission dipstick, location of O2 sensors, oil filter and drain plug, ect is all readily accessible if you if you're a DIY person like me. Getting to the rear row of spark plugs on the transverse V6 is another story though. This is all very important to me because I tend to keep cars a long time and newer cars are getting less and less servicable. This is a very nice and practical car that uses regular gas and has good torque in the V6. It's a great deal used but it was a little too pricey new. I like this car so much I wan't to purchase a 2nd one for work.

Average Rating : 4


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