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Gridlines Disappeared logo 7/9/2016 Sheila B

Overall I love this car, however, a recent experience has opened my eyes to what Lexus is willing to do to create a positive customer service experience. I have had this 2015 RX for 2 months. I brought it in to service this week due to the fact that the gridlines disappeared when backing up. I am being told now that the navigation system in the 2015 and camera system does not come with gridlines. I feel that these folks are calling me a liar. Why on earth would I take my car for service and ask them to fix this issue if they were never there to begin with. Service manager has contacted Lexus technical assistance and checked other 2015 models and is basically stating that the car was never equipped with the lines. I am not a happy customer........Those lines helped guide me when backing in to a tight space.

Average Rating : 4


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