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Had Her for 16 Years Still Going Strong!!! logo 9/10/2015 IsuzuDude

Year: 1999 Rodeo 2wdEngine: 3.2L V6, Manual TransmissionMileage: 326207Any major problems: NoneI bought Her reluctantly brand new with only 40 miles on Her. I had just started a new job (which turned out to be my career), college and my son was 3 at the time. My dad told me I should get a more reliable vehicle and he picked it out and said he would help with the down payment if I got it. I hated it. Did not want a stick shift although I did want an SUV. So I bought it.It turned out to be the best purchase of my life. Watched my son grow up from his car seat to the driver seat in Her, and She carried my second son home from the hospital when he was born in 06. I kept Her up pretty faithfully with my oil changes and tune ups. I have to do a better job with flushing and replacing coolant and transmission fluids; I have done that at about 2x. But NO MAJOR PROBLEMS. Just got a new catalytic converter in 2013 costed me $600 just to pass smog. Other than that I did most of the work myself starter 2x, alternator once, fuel pump, and brakes once (just the front never had to do the back ones yet). Had the AC compressor replaced a couple times, after this summer it may need it again. The fuel gauge had been broken for years but just replaced the fuel pump a couple months ago and it is working now.I have used Her as a commuter from Sacramento to the SF bay area for 6 years. She is still my commuter but now I only work 30 miles away from home. Thought She was a goner a few days ago; all of a sudden She started smoking on my way to work and heard noise coming from the engine. I was sad. But turned out to be a broken Idler pulley. Got her back on the road the next day. She is still going strong, feels like I can get another 300k miles out of Her!

Average Rating : 5


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