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Had it for 3 month before starting to deal with problems logo 6/12/2015 ehaba

Few month from having vehicle, transmission started leaking. Sent to shop, came back and transmission light was back and vehicle was totally un-drivable. Towed back to shop. 30 days later I got vehicle back and things started working again but not for long. 10 days passed and vehicle was shut-down and started making load noise. Towed back to shop for another transmission issue. this time, it got replaced. That also aside from side airbag recall. I'm filling Lemon case.Other issues i've experienced, when trying to slow down, vehicle keeps going or even speeds. This is a big safely issue. Thank god, I give enough time to slow down.Doesn't have 3000 on it. yet have all those problems.

Favorite Feature : Nice comfortable car with great interior space and good cargo area. I just wish it was working.

Suggested Improvement : Go back and fix those issues before starting to sell the car.

Average Rating : 4


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