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Had me at hello... logo 7/24/2015 VJNNC

I drove a new VW for the previous 12 years (leasing, turning them in on the next model) and thought I'd be a VW driver for good. Then, the Mazda 6 caught my eye. I couldn't stop thinking about it. I was bored one Saturday morning and thought - what the heck - go drive one. I had no intentions of ending my VW lease early. Well, after I drove it - it was game over (in my head). Thought I had to at least listen to the salesman since they were nice enough to let me drive one. Turns out, it was more affordable than I would expect and I left with a 2016 Mazda 6. It was about $5,000 less expensive than the VW and had twice as many "toys". Far better safety accessories like lane change warning, back up camera, etc.It's a VERY comfortable car to drive and to ride in. The gas mileage is phenomenal compared to the VW - took a trip to the beach and averaged nearly 38 mpg!If I HAD to come up with a criticism or complaint - it would be that the glare from the front and rear windows is a bit much, making it a little difficult to see clearly on a bright, sunny day and the side view mirrors could be moved forward on the doors just an inch or two. I'd also rather be able to tilt the display down when not really in use - it sticks up kind of high and is permanently affixed there. Other than that - I LOVE this car, it had me at hello.

Average Rating : 5


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