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Happy n Here's Why logo 6/7/2015 jpbergman

All early reviews were great, but later reviews were a little more negative. We traded 2006 BMW X3 and were looking 4 safety and reliability. We are very happy and love how it drives.Feedback to negatives:Burning oil: It’s a CVT, it requires synthetic oil. Duh Red console: While red is the hardest color in the spectrum to read, it is also the easiest on the eyes. It is “safer” to have red, blue/white= bad. This SUV provides for a very comfortable ride & not as loud as described. Quick Acceleration: Reminds me to slow down & saves gas. I'm slowly becoming a Subaru dude. I don't know what that means, but my friend says I will start eating granola.We love the car!

Favorite Feature : Handling, safety, over all features, wife is happy

Suggested Improvement : I do not mind the interior technologies artistic take on mod-spartan-chic, but the Bluetooth upgrade is badly needed.

Average Rating : 4.625


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