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Happy So Far, despite quirks logo 7/23/2015 Seth

I have owned this car for about a month, so this is more about initial impressions. First of all compared to my CR-V 2010 (EX-L with Nav) this car is definitely more refined. The quality of materials is top notch and the seats are comfortable for me (5'6" tall medium build). The acceleration is smooth and effortless and the visibility, even without all of the active safety features lacking in the XLE, is good. The storage options are great and the second row captains chairs are awesome. One issue is the third row seats to not have a latch system. This may be an issue for some and I know I wish they had LATCH . The car is quiet and handling is solid. For gas milage I have been getting about 18 mpg with mixed driving. I was hoping for a little bit better but I am ok with it, especially with the fact it takes regular unleaded fuel, not premium. Some annoyances are that the climate system makes this low buzzing noise sometimes quite often. It can be distracting and there is a thread about this on where some people are in an uproar about it. Not a deal breaker for me but I will ask the service department about it when I bring it in for 5K checkup. The voice control system is a total joke. I have not gotten it to ever work right and so I just don't use it. I had a similar system in my CR-V and it did work slightly better but I still don't use it. Bluetooth works consistently and streaming audio and making phone calls is great. An issue that is minor but annoying is the fact that using the audio is a little bit of a pain. The up arrow on the steering wheel goes through the channel list in reverse order but as seen on screen whereas it goes through audio songs on bluetooth in the opposite direction.

Average Rating : 4


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