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Happy with the Drive, Not the Accessories logo 4/21/2015 sandik506

Let me start by saying I LOVE the way my 2016 CX-5 drives, love the way it looks, and like the all black interior. I HATE the fact that I bought the premium BOSE sound package and despite there being an XM option on the menu, there is no way to ACCESS XM radio because I did not get a Tech package or Grand Touring model....I don't get it...WHY IS XM ON THE MENU IF I cannot purchase A subscription Mazda? I traded in a KIA Sorrento that has satellite radio capabilities on all of their cars....grrrr. I am waiting on the dealer to call me to let me know the cost of adding a satellite receiver (if available for the 2016 model). I cannot recommend this vehicle just on principle.

Favorite Feature : Handling is great. Looks great.

Suggested Improvement : If XM radio is going to continue to be a menu selection on the radio, at least make it so the consumer is able to purchase a subscription and utilize it -- not just have it "greyed" out....this is a terrible oversight on Mazda's part in a time where most all cars/SUVs/trucks have cars equipped with satellite.

Average Rating : 3


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