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Hard to beat Toyota longevity and resale value! logo 4/25/2016 Redman

I purchased my 2013 Toyota Tacoma TRD 4wd new and only have two complaints. First the brakes are grabby sometimes at start up during cold weather. I plan on upgrading the brakes with quality drilled and slotted rotors with premium brake pads soon. Second when in 4wd low there is an alarm that goes off the entire time you have 4wd low selected. Very annoying! The truck is very off road capable and in my opinion the off road version rates up there with the Jeep Rubicon! I really love this truck and get a lot of compliments on it. My wife has a 2016 Limited 4runner and the brakes are perfect on it so Toyota has improved them. We have owned several makes and models and have had the best service with Toyota brands! The last four Toyota vehicles we have owned and sold over the years we made money on or got what we paid for them minus basic maintenance costs. We take very good care of our vehicles and have not had any trouble selling our previous used Toyota's! We live in a mountainous area and all the bear hunters use Toyota Tacoma 4wd trucks due to their bullet proof reliability and go any where abilities even with 300k miles on them! Take care of them and they will last! If I could have only one truck it would be a Toyota with out a doubt! We work hard for our money and want a trouble free vehicle that is still worth something in ten years. Toyota has proven to us to be reliable trouble free vehicles especially the Tacoma's and 4Runners!

Average Rating : 4


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