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Has been a GREAT little car logo 5/31/2015 paulnbedford

We bought our Elantra new in 2001 and maybe that's the difference from everyone else's experiences on here, as there seems to be a lot of negative reviews on these little cars, but ours has been a great little car only letting us down once. Turned out to be the spark plugs and wires needed to be replaced. I've never seen a car jerk back and forth and act that way before in my life, nor since. Sure enough the dealership said it replaced those parts and it ran great afterwards. The car now has over 177k on it and I have only had to replace the plugs and wires once since the originals went out on us some 12/13 years ago. Unfortunately at the time it was bad enough you couldn't even drive the car though and had to be towed in. Fortunately though it was under warranty! We've both said we'd buy another new Hyundai again without hesitation. It's been the best car we've ever owned other than our old Dodge's/Plymouth's from the 70's. Hyundai's do seem to be very sensitive to their engine parts, preferring genuine Hyundai replacement parts rather than after market stuff. This can be a bit expensive when it comes to sensors, although I have found some OEM parts on the internet rather cheap. A lot cheaper than what my local dealer sells them at anyway.Fuel mileage for this car has never been stellar and one would expect better mileage from a car/engine this size. Sorry, haven't figured it out recently and can't remember what it was, but it was low 20's in the city where you'd expect at least 25 mpg.This isn't really a trip car in my opinion. Seats can get uncomfortable on trips that take several hours. We've only used it once to go out of state and that was because our van decided to act up that weekend and riding in this for several hours was rough.Door seals seem to wear out prematurely on these Hyundai's. Don't know if it's a cheap rubber they use or what, but our drivers side door seal has been coming apart for years and I have noticed when looking at other Hyundai's some suffer the same problem. They also don't seem to have used any sealant to keep the rear door seals on the fame of the car as both sides of ours have come away repeatedly and the only way to stop it from happening was for me to apply my own sealant.Despite all of this we have loved this little car. It's been reliable and in the end that's been the most important part to owning any car. We would still buy another one if we had to do it over again.

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