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Hate the sound system logo 8/23/2015 Sandy Steiger

I am so sorry I didn't stick with a GMC. I decided to get a smaller SUV, I hate this car, it drives fine since I don't drive very far. But the radio just gets on my last nerve, the sound is awful, it is so flat even when I have the base turned up. The radio keeps going to XM which I didn't use when it was free so I sure don't want to pay for it. The blower on the heater/ air is so loud you have to turn up the lousy radio or talk louder or turn it off in order to talk to anyone. But yet they put in a box in the back of the car to take up storage room, that blocks OUTSIDE sounds! WHY? I needed to put the seats dow to put some boxes in the back, the second row of seats DON'T lay flay, so most of my boxes which had breakables kept shifting towards the back of the car as I was driving, what a stupid design! I want rid of this car so badly, but probably won't get diddly squat for a trade in even with only 6000 miles in a year on the thing.

Average Rating : 2


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