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Hate this car - can't wait to get rid of it logo 6/30/2015 g35zman

I used to love the Infiniti brand and my Q50 is the forth one I have owned. Something has happened to Infiniti reliability over the last several years and it's moving in the wrong direction. The worst part is that Infiniti leadership doesn't seem to care. This is also the opinion of numerous Infiniti employees I have talked to.What's good: great engine and performance. What's bad: electronics system is a hot mess. Has been in for repairs four times. The Infiniti InTouch system is a joke. The back of my trunk is already developing a rust spot and the car is barely over a year old. Problems with the electronic door locks that leave me out in the rain trying to get into my car!

Favorite Feature : Two year lease will be over soon. The engine hasn't failed yet.

Suggested Improvement : Replace Infiniti leadership with people who actually care about the customer and quality before it's too late.It's already too late for me - I will never buy another Infiniti again.

Average Rating : 2.25


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