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Have driven it like a sports car for 17 years! logo 8/23/2015 Stan

Bought it new in May '99. Since then have put 213,000 miles on it. Have had a few repairs along the way. At 66K miles, I replaced the battery, otherwise the first major service (besides routine) was at 72K miles; a check engine light required a $170 meter. Had all the struts replaced at 96K miles. I switched to synthetic oil at 97K miles. At 100K, the engine dying while trying to start required a $270 IAC valve and a $265 something called "Assy, Idle Spe." At 123K, needed new rear brakes. At 135K miles, spent $900, because it needed a new timing belt, all (3) engine drive belts, water pump and 3 light bulb (some of the bulbs can be replaced by anyone and a few are hard to access). At 141K, had to replace the air fuel sensor replace battery at that time also). At 147K, a passenger side CV joint was noted to be damaged. At 166K, the right front door lock actuator was replaced. At 180K, another 90K service was done and in addition an exhaust system gasket leak was repaired, a transmission pan gasket was leaking and replaced, and the power steering rack & pinion unit was leaking and was replaced (I spent over $2,000 dollars that day). Again at 200K, a front right inner CV boot and the transmission pan gasket were leaking (these were fixed, both front CV boots were replaced). Replaced the air-fuel sensor again at 201K miles. The high beams became inoperative requiring a surprising amount of diagnostic work-up; in the end it was just a bulb that was out. At some point, the radio antenna gear strip broke (antenna would not lower), but I found out how to repair that myself from the internet and it only cost about $25. Finally, about a week ago I ended up paying for a $1400 repair because the ignition switch locked up (requiring a ride back to civilization aboard a flat-bed wrecker). I would say the majority of my service is just tire rotations and oil changes. Every once and a while a sensor goes out (especially the air-fuel sensor), A few gasket and CV leaks (but despite ruptured CV covers, the CV joints were fine). If you were to see the vehicle, it appears new inside and out.I still like it. For a sports utility vehicle, it is very quiet, smooth, handles well, has lots of storage and more than enough power.

Average Rating : 5


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