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Having owned both the Q50 2014 and the 2015... logo 9/10/2015 CoffeeBean

This review is coming from someone who likes to drive aggressively. Two thumbs up.2 cars ago I had a 2010 VW GTI. Loved it, 'til I drove it (almost literally) to the ground. It had to have a new engine at 80k mi, so instead, I was then in the market for a new vehicle. I've always liked smaller cars and their handling and steering, so this was somewhat of a big step to take to go with a "mid-size sports luxury sedan."I had the 2014 Q50 for a year and I really liked it; I upgraded to a 2015 Q50 with a few more options (they took my 2014 as a trade-in). I'd never driven an Infiniti before the 2014 Q50, but my friend has/had a Nissan Maxima, another friend had an Infiniti M37, and a friend has an Infiniti EX37. My friends' opinions about the reliability of Infiniti kind of persuaded me to try it, and I'm glad I did.It is "less connected" to the road, especially with the way I want to drive, but I still enjoy it, but this means a softer, smoother ride--a comfy drive. My friend even commented on the smooth suspension as a passenger (although, he had a BMW 3-series, so that's a pretty big difference). The big 327HP V6 engine is pretty powerful. With a 3 adult passengers and a trunk full of luggage, the Q50 still has no trouble accelerating quickly.The Bose surround sound is pretty nice; very similar to Nissan's. You have to play around with the sound settings to get it just the way you like it (took me about a week). Sometimes the bass can be too loud; depends on what kind of music you listen to.Navigation is decent. Back-up camera is good (and the display is big too).Note: There is a big difference between the non-premium version and the premium version of the Q50, the premium version has steer-by-wire, which gives it a much more disconnected feel. You get used to it after a while (of all the loaner cars I've ever gotten), but they are drastically different. My Q50 does not have steer-by-wire. If money were not an obstacle, I would've gotten the Q50S for the sport suspension/tuning.

Average Rating : 5


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