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Heavey maintenance car with many pattern problems logo 8/28/2015 Mike

When this car gets over 75,000 miles there is a 50 percent chance that the headgaskets will fail and need replacement. 741 coce on the transmission, that is an intermittent or stuck off position of the shift selnoid in the transmission. $ 20.00 part $ 2000 dollar job. 171 and 174 codes . 174 most likely will be an intack leak after the throttle body. You will need to get a gasket set and replace the throttle body coupler as well. Cheap but labor intensive. You have to remove the plenum for the gaskets first taking off the Fuel rail etc etc. When you do this you will see were your starter is located. After 100,000 miles or 150, stretching it you will have to replace the double plat plugs. Front is ok to to do , the back by the firewall could be a pain in the butt. While your at it change the coils if you could afford it. You may start to develop oil leaks . Many of the O rings around the sensors dry up and start to leak slightly. The oil filter adapter leaks on these cars, usually needing a new gasket or possible new adapter and gasket. While u have that off, u might as well change the crankshaft sensors located in a tough spot right above the oil filter adapter using new o rings to stop those little oil leaks that are starting at this mileage. Also changing the crankshaft position sensors will assure you that they wont fail and leave you stranded without notice. Piece of mind. The cars are just heavey maintenance. im a mechanic that changes the oil regualrly using good sythetic oil and filter. I use my caddy, but it could be a pain in the u know what. the parts are made realy light of aluminum and these days they are not even madein the states. Many now are made in asian countries and many mechanics will tell you they are having problems with the quality and reliability of the electronic sensors etc. Even a/c delco is stamped made in China etc. Timkin Hub bearings are now made in Korea. Not bad but the old american made lasted longer. Just be ware what is going on in this industry. Be cafeful. It's not just Cadillac it's all of them. Make them cheap and light and sell them for high profit. Be well everyone good luck. Write to Gm in Detroit and tell them to make their cars here parts here putting American men and women back to work.

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