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Heinz 57 ala` Ford logo 4/28/2016 Curtis Jones

First of all, the car is wired for every option that was available, including fog/driving lights. the plug for the relay for them is located in a body cubby to the drivers side of the windshield motor, you'll need the relay. The window switches are serviceable (the contacts can be cleaned) as well as the headlight motor transmission contacts. Get the headlights in the up position (you may have to manually rotate the headlight motor. Remove the plastic shroud from around the headlight to gain access to the nut that attaches the mechanism to the headlight motor transmission. Now remove (most nut and bolt seizes are #10 and 8) the motor. Now remove the five or six tiny bolts of the motor transmission cover. Once inside! You'll see contacts, lightly sand these as well as the disc they ride on. Reinstall the headlight motor transmission cover as you found it, reinstall the motor assembly. Carefully reinstall the headlight mechanism to the motor transmission spline aligning it so that the headlight is at the correct elevation. Replace the plastic headlight shroud, test the unit and your done. The main relay can be had at the junk yard from an early Mazda 323 or 626 for around $15 bucks (pickup a couple just in case) not $153.00 dollars new. The main relay is hidden behind the fluid bottle attached to the left front fender. I have owned this car for seven years. I added RX2 anti-sway bars, driving lights, hardtop, '94 premium stereo, coin and cup holder, even the rear defog switch for the hardtop, as well as the switch for the fog lights. New soft top next week. I had the automatic transmission rebuilt last year. The car has just a 110k miles on it. It's in good shape with the usual parking lot door dings. The interior is fair, intact, but fragile. I have a new one, in the box. The car rides way better than a Miata. It is comfortable on long trips, a Miata rides like a buckboard and doesn't have a back seat. My only real complaint is the process of putting the top up or down. By the way, never pull the top to the windshield with the latch handle as it WILL break. This is gospel. A used one is $35-$45 bucks. Don't let anyone help you put the top up unless they clearly understand this fact.

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