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Hello Turbo. logo 8/28/2015 William Conlee

I have always had big V8 trucks. Didn't have to worry about gas mileage because they were always weekend vehicles. I had a company vehicle during the week. I ended up with the 2016 Tucson Sport 1.6T mainly because of expert review. New position at work required me to have my own commuter vehicle, so I figured compact SUV with great mileage. Granted, I have had this vehicle for a week now and have only put 115 miles on it... so take this review with stride. This is more of my first impression than it is longevity. I will keep reporting my views as I travel through the mileage.First off, it costs less then $35 bucks to fill up. I live in Texas, so gas prices hover around $2.20 - 2.40 at the moment. This is huge to me since I was used to $70 fill ups. I looked at all the comparable vehicles as well. My wife has the Mazda CX-5 Touring. I could have purchased one as well, but honestly, it's boring to me. The Ford escape is a good vehicle but they are super proud of their pricing... and the experience at the local Ford dealerships is lack luster and somewhat insulting. Then there is the Honda CR-V and Toyota Rav-4. Reliable? Sure. Boring, boring, boring. Like having a mini van. I am a 6ft tall, 200lb, 38 year old man who used to think it had to be huge and if it didn't have 350 plus horsepower, don't bother me with it. If your like me and looking for a compact SUV for a job, travel, or for some other reason go and test drive the Tucson Sport 1.6T. Put the vehicle in "sport" mode and punch it. It will surprise you. Points I like so far:- Quick little motor. Got Boost? Yes. Yes it does.- Headroom, headroom, and headroom.- Holy safety features Batman- 19" wheels look nice and set it apart.- Hypnotizing LED lighting. - Transmission shifts are like a magic trick. - Wife likes it. This of course it the final say all and high point. Give this thing a shot, you won't be disappointed.

Average Rating : 4


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