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Help logo 4/26/2015 dawnd3

Every week I am having problems with this truck. We thought we would buy a reliable truck to get me back and forth to Doctors, and sometimes it will not start. I have had this to the dealer over 35 times for over 9 different problems, and even the mechanic traded his in as he was having tire sensor problems etc. Did Dodge themselves write the A review? Due to health issues, I can not take time to deal with a Lemon Law Attorney!!!

Favorite Feature : It sits up high without a lift kit.

Suggested Improvement : The tire sensors. The computer panel. The delayed acceleration, so when you change lanes, you almost get hit until it decides to kick in. The light covers that are warped and blow out after going through a car wash. The truck not starting the first time and displaying airbox problems. The truck not starting and displaying cold coil wire problems in Southern California mind you, not Alaska. The back up sensors going out and not working. etc etc etc...

Average Rating : 1.75


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