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Hey, It's got a Hemi, Just bullet proof !!! logo 8/7/2015 Jesse Red Horse

Before considering buying one, take it for a test drive, I had done my research, talked with Friends and family who have owned Dodge Rams, read a lot online paying close attention to reviews both Pro and Con, and then waited for my local Dodge dealership to hold a special event, with info in hand I set out to actually test drive the Ram Big Horn edition complete with the iconic Bullet proof Hemi under the hood, if the trucks on the lot didn't have the Hemi power house I wasn't even going to test drive one.My advice is to select a test drive area where you will encounter, hills, sharp turns, dirt and paved road ways to get the "feel" of how it handles the transitions, I was amazed at the comfort of the ride for being a full sized truck, it cornered very well with no noticeable "nose dip" in the turns, I may have made the salesman sitting in the back a bit worried during my "Shake down" test drive, heck, I needed to know the truck could handle the Country roads as well as the city streets, don't you think?The leg room in the cab area is just great, sure beats any standard cab on the market today or yesterday, the controls are easy to reach and are simple to operate, I was impressed with the quality of the sound system, being a concert trained musician I enjoy listening to music without distortion, the sound system was a perfect match to the trucks interior harmonics.There is a nice amount of small storage areas through out the truck, a double storage arm rest in the front center console comes in very handy , The rear seating area fits two adults and a child comfortably, the child lock doors are a nice touch for safety reasons, the exterior road noise is muted quiet well while driving and I love the idea that the tires air pressure is monitored by computer to let the driver know when there is any air loss.One of the down sides is when it comes to replacing the trucks keys, I had three options when I needed a 2nd set of keys, Options were,1) A simple flat key that could only unlock the doors (Non computer chipped style metal key) $3.95 per key.2) Micro chipped key, can open the doors and start the truck, $77.00 per key.3) OEM Key, can open the doors, start the truck and activate the alarm system, $170.00 per key. (Ouch!)I settled for what was behind door #2 when it came to the keys.I also discovered that my truck has a "Crash box" installed that records all sorts of data in case of an accident, and I was a little shocked to read in the owners manual that this data will be shared with law enforcement ( By court order ) in the case of an accident, I am not sure I feel too comfortable about having a device that records 5 seconds before the accident, all actions during the event and up to 5 seconds after the car has stopped all motion in the accident. (it's the 5 seconds BEFORE that disturbs me) this means that the device is recording and storing on a loop system so when an accident does happen it will have the last 5 seconds of info before the crash event.The truck over all turns heads for sure, I catch owners of Chevy and Ford full size pick ups taking a long hard look at the beautiful lines that make up the body of the Ram Big Horn addition, and then I watch as their eyes discover the Hemi badge and then comes the drooling, I like to pass out napkins at the red lights.I was a Chevy truck man all my life until I drove my first Dodge Ram Big Horn edition, there's no going back for me now, I am hooked on the brawn and beauty of the Dodge Ram and her killer Hemi !!!The truck came with a full bed liner (nice touch) for hauling wet stuff during New England Winters, the 20" rims pay homage to the old "Crager" style rims of the 60's and 70's that always made a classic car look well dressed, and who wouldn't like the powered rear sliding window, my Wife loves this feature because she can open it when a bee gets in the cab and by opening the front windows and the rear slider it will such the wasp, bee or hornet right out the back (Now this is something you will not read about in the sales materials).Yes the truck sits high off the ground but with the heavy duty step bars it makes getting up in the Captains seat a breeze, this truck is just a complete joy to own, drive and show off.And the four wheel drive, don't get me started, in snow Country there is no other way to go if you ask me, with my last truck (A Chevy C1500) 2w drive I dreaded having to make it up the hill to get home, this coming Winter will be a joy to drive in, hill, what hill I'll be asking this Winter.Enough room for up to 6 adults in the cab, that's pretty sweet all by itself but the luxury of the cab itself makes the Ram Big Horn dressed up enough to attend a wedding, she has class enough to park out in front of any fancy Hotel and would look right at home on the grounds of any Estate.I could go on and on about why I love my Dodge Ram but I'd rather be out cruising in her than writing a review on her!

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