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High geared 2LT RS logo 6/12/2016 West Coast Cruiser

You should know this car with the 6 cylinder is to be driven with careful aggression to provide the performance. It is very torquey and fast when shifted to lower gears and high RPM level. With space it will generally control its domain over other vehicles on the road and it steers and brakes very well. In traffic you need to take care with the blind spot being ferocious on 3-4 lane road 1 lane over. In slower heavy traffic the 6 cylinder tends to transition meekly in auto or too aggressively when downshifted with paddle and changing lanes (a steady medium is hard to find when passing slow vehicles that are typically geared better for commuting at rush hour). But all of that becomes your risk..... and once you learn this you can drive the Camaro V6 to its maximum and eat up the road.In regard to interiors. The 2LT RS with leather and heads up display, navigation, onstar, electric seats etc. is simply another car apart from the base camaro. The interior is absolutely awesome and has much room up front for large adults with legs (more than the average mid-size sedan) . It is a 2 adult car and the family dogs easily fit in back over a padded cover.

Average Rating : 5


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