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High Maintenance spouse logo 8/18/2015 Brian Smith

Beautiful vehicle but I am not sure a high end Dodge is a great choice. It seems Dodge is still figuring out how to implement gadgets properly. - Gas mileage is shockingly good if you manually shift. - Acceleration on the six cylinder is not as good as I had hoped (Wife purchased the car when i was out of town). However, it is not horrible. - Tow rating is too low, now I have to buy a truck to tow the camper I want- A/C went out on summer road trip from Texas. Dealership support was unsympathetic and very poor. After multiple trips to dealerships on the trip, it was finally fixed- Equalizer settings are quirky. Turn down the base and the midrange turns up. Dodge cannot figure it out- Plastic trim on the dash near the windshield sticks up. It isn't flush. it looks ugly. Dodge replaced and the new piece is the same. Overall, i love the vehicle, but Dodge has some things to figure out. Particularly on a 48k list vehicle.

Average Rating : 4


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