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Highlander has better interior and ride logo 4/5/2017 Fred MacMurray

This review is based on a test drive, not ownership. Shopping for a mid-sized, crossover for the wife to replace her 15 year old Sequoia. The kids are grown so it was time to move down on size and up in luxury. I really thought the RX would be a great fit. The wife wants a Toyota as we have had great experience with them from a reliability standpoint but she wants something easier to handle in parking lots (which would be damn near anything compared to the Sequoia). We don't like the wild styling of the new RX so we went to look at CPO 2015s. As soon as we got in, we were both taken back. Everything I read talked about the quality of the interior materials. Huh? Where are they looking? I saw a sea of cheap looking, hard plastic. The door panels were just slabs of plastic as was most of the dash. The Sequoia has a much nicer interior. Then we drove it. I didn't expect a sports sedan, or even an engaging driving experience but this was horrible. It wallowed around turns and floated over undulations like it was on springs with no damping. Disappointed, we went down the street to the Toyota dealer to check out the Highlander. What a difference. The interior was much nicer, with nice, soft simulated leather covering the dash and soft inserts in the door panels. And it drove much better, handling seemed secure and bumps smoothed out. I just amazes me that for these two corporate cousins, the Toyota drives better and has a more luxurious interior for a lot less money than the Lexus.

Average Rating : 3


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