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Highly recommended logo 4/17/2015 jasonppn

Many people complain about expensive maintenance. If you are like me and do your own maintenance, there is very little you have to do or pay. I have an OBD II computer that I use whenever the check engine light comes on (not often). I bought it with 55,000 miles on it, it now has 87,000. I've had to replace a coil pack (easy fix, $37 and 1 hour of my own labor), divertor valve ($150, 2 hours labor), and that is all. To change your oil, it is handy if you have the Audi tool ($100) for cartridge style oil filters (you'll have a mess if you don't), but you can make your own pretty easily out of a hose and the right diameter bottle. The car drives absolutely beautifully, couldn't be happier.

Favorite Feature : 6 speed manual transmission: this is a fun car with that transmission.AWD: this car is very responsive and has a tight feeling. Although I don't like driving it on dirt roads and in the snow, it is very good in those conditions. Confidence boosting for sure. I especially notice this when driving other cars in these conditions, they don't perform nowhere close to the Audi.

Suggested Improvement : When driving long distances, I sometimes find my right knee rubbing on the center console awkwardly. This isn't noticeable on short trips, but after awhile I notice it. It's most likely just my posture though.

Average Rating : 4.375


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