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Hint: WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER TOYOTA logo 9/7/2015 Randy

Yes, the vehicle is comfortable in the front seats and the ride is very quiet and smooth until you hit some bumps then watch out but after all , it IS a truck after all. About 6,000 miles in, it developed a "hum" and vibration that you hear and feel in the pedal and steering wheel when you have your foot on the accelerator that stops when you let off but they told me that all of the 4Runners do the same thing.The "tilt" steering wheel is manual, clunky and very, well, why bother! The engine is WAY under powered! It struggles at on-ramps! Why Toyota does not offer an 8 cyl I do not know! The "leather" on the seats is of VERY poor quality and absorbs any color from like jeans, belts, etc.The technology is ok but the voice activation leaves a lot to be desired! More frustrating than helpful!The exterior paint is about the thinnest on the market! Had I know about the paint, I never would have purchased the crappy thing. I got a paint chip in the real tailgate (how I don't know) but it barely has any paint covering the primer! I wish I had done my research before purchasing it. Don't try to ride with the front windows open as the design forces all the wind in your face. Open the sunroof and you get an awful rumble!

Average Rating : 2


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