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Hit The Lottery with this Jag! logo 9/2/2015 Highly Impressed!

I just traded a motorcycle even for this 2003 AWD 5 speed manual transmission x type Jag. The young guy i traded with said he would he would trust it going anywhere. I could tell right away that he was right. I have owned many many cars in my live, but not one that handles and drives a fraction as good as this. I like to think that i have a 6th sense about the longevity and reliabilityo of a car after all my years? Well, my sense meter was off the charts with this 5 speed manual. I think this car will drive and handle this good for years to come, simply because it isn't working hard to do it. I do declare that I am profoundly impressed. It was a very nice bike that I traded for this car, but I am blown away at how sweet this car really is. Wow!

Average Rating : 5


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