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Hits tuning sweet spot of suspension logo 8/18/2015 Jason Carrison

SUMMARY: A true testament to a vehicle that hits the tuning sweet spot of its suspension. As a first time Mazda CX-9 owner, the sporty yet luxury feel to the CX-9 is impressive for me and my passengers. We can actually have conversations at regular volume levels. I suprisingly look for ways to run errands and drive it more than any other vehicles I've owned. The CX-9 smoothly cruises in and out of highway traffic before I realize that the SUV is pegging 80mph. You know a quality vehicle and suspension when you end up driving faster than you actually are. I always feel in control at highway speeds. It doesn't have an uncomfortable and unpredictable "float" to the ride as other SUVs such as my 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe GLS. There are gripes about the Tom Tom Navigation but I've had a good experience with it once I fiddled with it. The navigation has an accurate (and free) traffic setting that shows "home to work" and "work to home" traffic with slow downs and construction clearly marked and updated to my preference in minutes. The bluetooth streaming audio connection is stronger and clearer than other vehicles I've driven. It even has a Pandora app built in which works perfectly. The climate control works perfectly and I often have to turn it down on hot days to the first fan setting because it's too cold. I like the convenient 2nd row rear climate controls and the fan power can literally blow your hair like on a windy day. Passengers love that fan power on a hot day. I chose the Grand Touring with DVD Player option (Grand Touring with sun roof isn't available with a DVD Player) and am glad I did. The kids from 10years old to 16 years old all love the DVD player and having control of inserting the DVDs in the rear unit and not waiting for us to load the DVDs from the front.PROS: Handling, sporty styling, suspension, cavernous interior, all seating feels plush, DVD player, Bose sound system, navigation CONS: Feels the bumps in the road with 20" stock tires, just a little wind noise from side mirrors at highway speeds but not bad, large doors require planned parking lot parking.

Average Rating : 4


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