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Hollow Claims! Best Warranty? logo 8/28/2015 Stephen Mathew

If you are a new car buyer and plan to own car for 10 yrs maybe but beware if you but pre-owned the warranty isn't worth the paper it's writtem on, trust me I have a 3 yr old pre owned Sonata! Warranty aside, I have never owned a car that has had as many problems as my Sonata! Hardly 3 years on the list of failures are a yard long! Worst car I've owned! There is a reason they market their cars on their so called warranty, it's because so much IS going to go wrong with the car! The list: air bag! (seriously this component is never used and yet it fails? How does a component that is never used become defective?), a/c: every part you could think of!, actuator, power seats. I've had at least 6 problems that were covered under warranty, yet the hazzle, it's not as if Hyundai will give you a loner!

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