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Holy Blind Spots Batman! logo 8/27/2015 Jeff

OK, I don't own this Compass, so I can't speak much for the reliability, longevity or maintenance, but I had one as a rental on a business trip. I was actually a little excited to drive it, because Jeeps are generally great cars to drive. It took me about 5 minutes to despise this car. I was switching lanes on the drivers side and I realized this is the least safe car I have ever driven. When I looked over my shoulder, all I saw were headrests (front and rear) and that gigantic rear column. And the side mirrors were no help. I couldn't see anything. I have honestly had better visibility in U-Haul trucks. Crap visibility does not stop there. I was backing up out of a parking spot in my hotel. And all of a sudden I see a couple with their baby come out from behind. I could not see them. I am lucky I was already weary of the visibility, or I could have hit them. This is flat out a dangerous car. On top of that, there is horrible storage in the front of this car. Nothing in the bottom of the dash, side door storage is as bad as I have ever seen. I couldn't even put the paperwork from my rental in them all folded up. Maybe Jeep just figured people would just put that stuff on the dash, because it is way too long. Technology is pretty darn dated. This base model had no Bluetooth, no USB hookup, No satellite, but it did have an aid input though, so I guess they are finally catching up with 2007. No steering wheel controls either, what car doesn't come with those nowadays? Hell, this Compass didn't even have a compass. It even had one of those old school antennas on the front; my '03 Outback has more advanced antenna technology. Braking is lackluster at best. I always felt like I was coming in hot when I was taking a turn. I felt like I had to slam on the brakes to get them to react. I do give them props for driver comfort though. I had a couple decently long drives on the trip and I was very comfortable.The drivetrain was not bad. Whine seemed very peppy for an I-4 2.2L in a larger vehicle. Transmission was not bad at all. A little weak in low gear, but great above 20 MPH. This was surprisingly stable car. We hit major rain storms on the way back to the airport (those big Florida storms) and it was pretty darn windy, and I felt no push from the wind. Although I could barely see in front of me (certainly not behind me). All those niceties don't matter, the lack of visibility is a hazard, I would never recommend anyone to buy this car, I don't want to see them or someone else hurt because you can't see anything. Jeep should pull this car off the road.

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