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Honda does it again! logo 6/16/2017 Nick

This is my first Honda and also first mid-size SUV. My family has been buying Honda for over 20 years now (2 Pilots, 1 Oddessy, 1 Civic, 1 Accord) and have had 0 issues with any of their cars during this time. In fact, my dads Accord was purchased back in the 80s and he put nearly 300,000 miles on it and never had a single problem. So reliability is never an issue with Honda. I LOVE this this new CRV. I never liked the looks of the older ones and wasn't even going to look at the CRV until they redid the car, which I really like. It looks much more sporty for a family-oriented vehicle. The ride is smooth, the turbo engine is peppy for it's size, and the fuel economy is great. In the 2 weeks I have had the car I have put more 400 miles on the car and I am getting 29.5 MPG, which is great compared to my old car (Hyundai Tiburon GT). I have one two minor gripes. One, the engine can be a bit noisy when sitting still, either parked or when I come to a stop. I have never had a turbo engine before, so this might be normal. It isn't super loud or anything, it just creates a small clicking sound that once I hear I can't stop focusing on. But once I drive it stops, and with ANY music playing you can't hear it. I googled this and it seems to be normal for this new 1.5L turbo engine. My second complaint is that the safety features do not let you sync any phones while driving. While this is great in preventing a driver from syncing a phone via Bluetooth or one of the apps, it also prevents any passengers from doing so as well. Not a big deal, just a bit weird this can't be changed via settings. Overall I am 100% satisfied with my purchase and love my car. I highly recommend it!

Average Rating : 5


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