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Honda EX Rocks logo 8/17/2015 Kristin D

I guess your previous vehicle affects your view of this one. To me, the Accord EX rides like a dream and is incredibly quiet. My previous car? A 2006 Subaru Outback wagon that, quite literally, found every bump a true joy and whose road noise was so loud I strained to hear my passengers during normal conversation. This car? Quiet. It steers with ease, accelerates quickly, and is fun to drive. The main reason we purchased it, however, was the sudden growth of our 2 kids and the need for more interior space. If you're looking for that, the Accord excels. There is plenty of legroom for both front and rear passengers (we are all tall folk). The buttons and menus are easy to use and, mostly, intuitive. The rear A/C vents help to more efficiently cool the back seat passengers. And, the fuel economy, in mixed driving, has been a great 32 mpg. Our last extended trip (5 hours total) netted 38mpg overall...we had a fierce headwind going home. So far, I'm loving this car. We tinted the windows, added all-weather floor mats, and will, hopefully drive it until it dies. Let's hope that's later rather than sooner.

Average Rating : 5


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