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Honda of America could care less about you logo 6/14/2017 John R

I purchased a CRV Touring in March. I selected the Honda over the RAV4, for the safety technology. On the first day of ownership, the "safety" systems failed (adaptive cruise control, crash mitigation, and lane departure) while driving down a country road. What happens, is that the warning lights start to go off, and then all of these systems are shut off until the car is turned off and restarted. This problem has occurred on country roads, in a major city, at highway speeds and on residential streets. I have had this failure at least once every week I have owned the CRV. Some weeks it has failed 5-6 times. The vehicle was serviced 3 times in the first 7 weeks of ownership, including 2 attempts by a Honda technician, but they were not able to determine the problem. The technician wants to blame the problem on country roads, even though the failures have happened in city traffic as well. I am now in mediation with Honda, but they won't replace the car. They want to buy my car back because they are concerned that another CRV will have the same problem. In other words, Honda doesn't have confidence that their "safety" systems will work in the country. My dealer has been great, but Honda of America customer service has been terrible. My mediation case manger doesn't call me back, or follow-up on anything she said she will do. Other than this issue, I really like the vehicle, but Honda has made it clear to me that they don't value their customers.

Average Rating : 2


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