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Honda Quality....Are you Kidding?? logo 6/21/2015 terryauto

We purchased our 2014 Honda Odyssey last August. We decided to buy the Honda on reputation and the smoothness of the Honda Engine. Boy were we wrong. We have owned many new car brands, GM, Ford, Jeep, Lincoln, Volvo, Mercedes Chrysler to name some. We have never had the troubles with those brands as with the Honda.The big issue was that at around 8200 miles the head gasket blew. Now a check engine light is on. I have years of prof auto experience and Honda did not complete the repairs to proper standards. The car does not rde, perform, or have as good ergonomics as the KIA loaner we had from Enterprise! Now that was a shock to us as we never gave the Kia a look when shopping. We are done!

Favorite Feature : Looks nice on the exterior, that is it. Good mileage.

Suggested Improvement : Build quality needs improvement. The suspension creaks more than the KIA loaner we had, handling was sloppy on the Honda while tight on the KIA. Ergonomics on the interior are busy and confusing. Small AC controls, irritating 2 screens after months of ownership, 2 screens were cool at first, annoying over time. Plain interior materials. Transmission needs programming update for smother operation.

Average Rating : 2.375


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