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Honda reliability is not just a catch phrase logo 12/5/2016 stingrey13

Honda reliability is not just a catch phrase it's real. I just purchased this car. For a 13 year old car I have to say it's humble, slightly under powered but cost effective commuting car. It's nothing fancy, but it will last in years to come. BEST part of this car is the low maintenance fees. Newer Honda's don't have fuel filters and have instrument clusters that constantly tell you to take them into the dealer for maintenance. Honda figured out they were building their cars too reliable. There will never be a new Honda like these older Civic's.12/12/17 As an update, my Civic is still going strong. I hope to start saving for a slightly newer Honda. Many people I know are firm believers in other cars like Corolla's. My mother purchased a Chevrolet that has given her non-stop issues. But my Honda Civic remains strong

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