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Honest Review, 2008 Tahoe Hybrid, Owned 5 yrs logo 9/3/2015 Thomas

2008 Tahoe Hybrid, birch metallic. Just sold it after 5 yrs ownership, bitter sweet ... Honestly, I bought this big truck for its looks. And because I have 3 kids so I needed something bigger. Im also a car guy so I just cant spend $30 or $40 k and have to look at a minivan in my driveway. Im a man, so I do like to mow the lawn, wash the truck, and have a beer in the yard and admire both. This truck allowed me to check that box. The magnesium alloy 18" wheels are beautiful and the box shape was so anti-minivan I just had to have it. The Tahoe had a legendary reputation. I also found my Hybrid model at a dealer off trade in for $35K with only 12K miles on it. Made the decision easy.Good :The looks. If you dont like the boxy GMT900 style, dont get it. Its the single most appealing feature. Its exterior far outshines the bland, big Pilot looking Expedition. The Durango in that time frame looked like it was built in the early 1900's. Nothing from the Germans came anywhere close for the price (or features). The looks of this vehicle sells it (and all those cheesy Hybrid decals come off easily using a hair dryer).The ride was also great, I was dumbfounded as to how a body on frame vehicle could cruise at 85 mpg as if it were an Audi. Very impressive body dampening. Engine reliability was perfect for 90k miles. And the 6L V8 with electric motors assisting would really rocket this vehicle to dangerous speeds. Good thing it was limited to 96 mph, I often found myself hitting that limiter as the truck felt like it was good for much much more. Now with the good comes the bad. This is a heavy, dumb, clumsy, body on frame truck. Make no mistake about that. You are sacrificing vastly superior minivan and unibody drivability and mall parking lot maneuverability in big sums to own this truck. Its 39' turning radius is abysmal. Ingress/egress is also more difficult because it rides higher up. The 2wd model I owned was LESS capable off road than a Yugo GVX. It seemed like 90% of the weight rode on the front axle, and they drive the rear wheels. Dont take the 2wd version even into a dry lawn. OK what else ... the transmission had a "clunkiness" that just got to my nerves eventually. It would sometimes get confused between hybrid mode, 4 cylinder, and 8 cylinder modes. This would result in driveline shutters and clunks that just should not of been there in a vehicle costing $55k new.The rear diff was replaced under extended warranty at 80K miles. The entire rear diff, all the gears, bearings, bushings, everything. I never towed anything.You have of course read about the infamous cracked dash issues. I wont go into that, but mine was nearly cracked in 2. All the door locks failed repeatedly. Thankfully we found making the reliable replacements, never had a problem since.The Nav and OnStar, while it all functioned fine, was far behind the times (and still is). I miss the truck, mainly for its stunner looks. Sadly its reliablity and driveability left so much to be desired. I wonder if the 2015 model is better, I still see they use a live rear axle. I hope they didnt just reshape the sheet metal and slap a $70K sticker price on it. If they did, GM has no merit to receive another bail out. Cmon guys you can do far better...I would not buy another GM, ever. Mainly due to the repeated interactions with GM customer service on the dash and door locks. They have hired off shore contractors to hire customer service who know nothing and care nothing about the US owners. With the dash, they directed me to a local dealer, then told me it was entirely up to them. I sat down with the service manager and he said why the heck is it my problem ? I agreed. The dash is flawed, GM should cover it, not give owners of $55K trucks a circle jerk. I will not buy another because of this. Sorry.

Average Rating : 3


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