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Horrible Car logo 9/1/2015 JasonD

The Focus ST is a huge disappointment. I cant stand getting into this car each day. The interior is so tight I feel like I'm being squeezed in a vise. The center console intrudes into the cabin and there is no storage in the center console like most cars have. and the seats are hard and tight also. I have the recaros included with the ST3 package. Big mistake. they are very uncomfortable. The outward visibility is the worst I have ever seen in a hatchback. The windows are way to small, and the front windshield has this ridiculously huge slope. The car feels very heavy all the time, You can feel it when accelerating and is especially noticeable during corning. the steering is completely dead feeling and is overly twitchy. There is no Limited slip differential offered with this car so it just spins the wheels trying to get traction. I was coming from a 2003 Honda civic and i thought the focus st would be an improvement, but it is not even close to being as fun as that car. This car doesn't feel that much more powerful than my civic. Trying to live with this car is difficult because The turning radius is huge. 39 feet to turn is ridiculous. you will find yourself making a 3 point turn every time you try to park, and U turns are even more difficult to make.On top of all that the resale value is terrible. If your in the market for this type of car. There are much better options out there. Such as the Subaru WRX, Civic Hatchback or VW GTI. all are better alternatives to this crap ford.

Average Rating : 1


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