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Horrible car logo 8/6/2015 Alex

I bought the car with 160k miles on it in 2013 and was I though that the car should last really long with no problems. But unfortunately, it was nothing than nightmare. I diagnosed the car before buying and everything was fine.My first mechanical problem occurred after 2.5 months - automatic door went out, I payed 400$ to fix it. After a week rear window automatic sunshade went off as well, I decided to leave it as is, since it too expensive to repair. In 3 more months alternator and battery died. In 3 more months blow motor problems started to take place, hot air only and wasn't able to turn air conditioner off until shut off the car, so I replaced blow motor, but after 2 weeks climate control panel stopped working. After some period of time the car just stalled on the road, the car was towed and crankshaft sensor was dead. In 1 month water pump started to jamming and the car stalled couple of time again. In addition, rust started to occur all over the car and it the car looked horrible, just horrible. Transmission problems took place as well, sometimes it was shifted strange and it stocked on the same gear two times, so I pulled out the car and restarted the engine. So, after I spend 3000$ on repairs I decided to sell it. Even though I paid a little more than 4k when I bought it, maximum I got is 2.5K. It was such a relief to rid off from this car.The only con was that the car was extremely fast and fund to drive, but it can not compensate all mechanical issues.

Average Rating : 2


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