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Horrible experience with brand new bmw x5 e drive logo 12/8/2016 Shirley

I really love the BMW and we have 528I 2008 also. After we heard X5 e car is coming, we got so excited to buy it and got it. All my neighbor were happy for us too. Right after we bought the car, there’s some broken fridge noise is coming from Car during driving with AC on. It was bit disappointed and got fixed. Little sound still bothered but try to believe E car has same problem. My job is carrying lots of clothing most of time, so need bigger space and travel to Irvine to LA a lot so had to concern about gas/mileage same time. This car had to be perfect in my scenario. When I come home with my 2 kids(7 and 9 boys) and husband around 8:30PM, Car just stopped in middle of the road. Luckily it was near my home (on Pioneer road and Patriot way) and could move just stop and go shaking so hard.. our family got so surprised and I believe it is really dangerous. Couldn’t imagine if it happened on Freeway.. We had loaner car 328 and it was so small to carry my stuff…and missed my meeting during that 1st week. This is brand new car…and BMW was one of top car brand in my opinion. After getting my car fixed report. And knew engine got took out and replaced fruid injector and car couldn't start at got wet and dried up and do it again and again...OMG I really don’t want to keep this car any more.During today my trip from LA to Irvine, felt many shakes between when engine try to stop to save gas... and some belt sound and loud noise, and dirty smell too....on and on..Most crazy thing is BMW can't help with above problems. They couldn't hear what i hear and feel the same way. My car still in the service now. Feeling horrible and disappointed so far for the BMW. Do not buy this car. My family's new car won't be BMW anymore.

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