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horrible gas mileage logo 7/21/2015 marty

I've had this vehicle for going on 4 months now. I switched from hyundai and kia to the chevy line specifically because I wanted to buy american. Mistake. I live in the northern virginia area, so most of my driving is city, but I visit my parents and my boyfriend frequently and both require highway driving. My office is exactly 3 miles from home - I am averaging between 16 - 19 mpg. This low average is even after I've noticed how low it is and specifically try to drive conservatively. I feel irresponsible and embarrassed to drive a vehicle that receives such low mileage and I never would have switched had I known this was going to be the case - since switching from my kia, nothing about my commute or habits have changed and I'm averaging about 10 mpg lower in this new vehicle. In addition to the low mileage - the engine sounds horrible. It literally sounds like it is eating gas the way it has to chug for any sort of pickup. I have asked several other Equinox owners about their mileage and they all agree on how horrible it is. One lady also said that her car goes through so much oil that the dealership had to replace the engine because it was burned out; her vehicle is barely a year old.Other than this major complaint, my other 2 are fairly minor. The seats themselves (shape, support) are very comfortable, but the material is horrible. It doesn't bother my boyfriend, but when I'm wearing a skirt, it is itchy and painful due to the hole-y pattern. The other complaint is the highly reflective material used on the trim around the gear shifter. When the sun hits it correctly, it is blinding. Things I do like: layout of the electronics panel and dials, leg room, ceiling height (I'm 5'11''), trunk space, back up camera, interior lighting, rear window wiper AND wiper fluid (this is an awesome feature). Unfortunately, all of the pro's are completely outweighed by the gas mileage issue. I have officially logged a complaint with Chevy and anyone else who is experiencing this issue should too!

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