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Horrible SUV logo 6/11/2017 aaron

This Jeep is horrible. Had it for 8 months and have taken it to the dealer five times. First time was for the driver seat belt making a clicking noise. To find out the bolt holding the seat belt to the B pillar wasn't tight enough and I could hear the crush washer clicking. The next issue was the airbag and traction control lights came on and didn't clear tell the dealer ship. The PMC was updated and thats all Jeep knew about to do. The third time the window regulator cable went out on the passenger window and the window wouldn't close. A month later there was a rattling noise in the same door to find out that the door bracket busted. And finally a stress crack in the windshield with only 8500 miles on the jeep. I wouldn't recommend this Jeep to anyone. Too many little things happening in less than 10,000 miles. Traded this in got a different car. Cant imagine what would happen in the long term specially reading the engine blew out and transmission failed reviews.

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