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Horrible waste of your money logo 6/17/2016 Andy

Only a month after my fiancé drove it off the lot, she began having major issues. Front end issues, transmission issues and braking issues... took to the dealer 2 times before they would even take it in and look at it. Tie rods were ready to snap off at only 4000 miles! Vehicle does not see the interstate anymore because you can't even get up to 50mph before ramp ends causing a huge safety issues... all problems addressed to jeep (fca us llc) and it was a laughing matter to them... they claim issues arent actual issues and are normal for new vehicles... as an ase certified tech I can diagnose many issues and gave in detail the problems and was still shrugged off. Now in the process of lemon law which now jeep wants to try and make things right after 9 months of constant complaints.Do your research before buying a used one as fca us llc tries to get you to opt out with taking a new vehicle or giving you cash settlement and keep the vehicle so it isn't listed as a lemon which then looses a lot of value at manufacturer expense.

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