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How does this not catch on? logo 6/30/2015 tomtom123

Bought a new fully loaded diesel sportwagen. First and foremost: This car is MUCH faster than its HP suggests. The diesel pulls effortlessly and is very quiet. The gas engine is good, but this engine is something I've never experienced before and I come from a 2015 GTI (this is our second VW). The panoramic sunroof makes it feel like your car is almost a convertible. Diesel is so fuel-efficient it is crazy. I was afraid of the UREA scrub, but its like adding windshield washer fluid - so simple. The reason I was so drawn to VW in the first place - it feels MUCH more expensive than its price tag suggests and has a soul to it. Its not boring like the cute 'ute competition.

Favorite Feature : Favorite feature? It checks all the boxes!- Room like an SUV- Drives like a FUN car- Can haul everything you own - Gets Prius MPG (45 highway) with diesel- Feels luxurious inside: not like a Toyota/Subaru you got loaded, but more like an Audi/BMW if that makes sense- More fun than any sub $50K SUV out there- The pleather/leatherette is actually really nice- I can't think of what this car is missing, there is detail in everything they did here- I dare someone to find such a nice balance of a car elsewhere

Suggested Improvement : A few more options I wish they had:- Cooled seats- Auto-dimming rearview mirror- Power side mirrors- Power liftgate (coming next year)- A real USB for my iPhone (coming next year)- AWD for the Diesel would be perfection

Average Rating : 4.875


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