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How Ended Up with the Audi S3 logo 5/12/2015 cheetah77

I did not set out to buy an Audi & I don't care about having a "prestige brand" fact I'd prefer not to have it. However we needed AWD, fast (300ish hp), high quality, cargo space, fun, cool looking, DSG type auto transmission car. Audi is the only one building that and it's the S3. Considered S4 but MPG too low; Golf R has too little cargo room but nice car. S3 combines amazing refinement, quiet ride, taut but comfortable euro sedan ride, throaty exhaust when punched, great looks, good MPG, driver assistance that can be shut off, & much more. The 2015 S3 is dual personality and you decide which one you want: rip roaring sports car or a easy driving luxurious touring sedan. Amazing.Update 11/2017: Still love this car and will never sell it. It draws many compliments and I never seem to see that many S3s running around. I like this 2015 styling better than the "update." The update has more "check mark" style of headlights which I do not prefer. I ran the S3 at the track and it was 100ºF that day. With Nitto NT05 tires it performed well but wasn't scary fast; cornered very well however. For me though it's not a track car but a perfect street car. 298hp Is adequate (and I'd like more). But the S-Tronic transmission is the win in the S3: it uses the power very efficiently and you'll be able to beat a lot of cars that should be faster (I know b. I've done it). Interior is amazing still, very comfortable and upscale showing very little wear with the high class materials. No reliability problems whatsoever have cropped up although my car is fairly low miles. MPG is around 25 which is amazing for an AWD sports car with this power. When the warranty wears out I will put a Stage 2 APR chip in it to easy and safely unlock more power. Guys who've bought the RS3 say the cars run about the same until you hammer the RS3 which on public roads is ill advised. Anyway, I'd buy this car all over again and I don't say anything out there that I like better. If I did I'd buy it.

Average Rating : 5


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